Friday, November 14, 2008

i feel the irrepressible urge to rant about how not very cool usc is

1. on hug a vegetarian day, i made a super cool and totally diy "free vegan hugs" halter from an old plain white shirt and some sharpies, and i got a grand total of zero hugs, unless you count the one from my sister, but she hugs me everyday anyways.

2. on halloween, there was a whopping one other person sorta dressed up.

3. the majority of the student body comes from a conservative enough background that my new bright turquoise hair has upgraded my social status from "someone we all ignore" to "fascinating oddity that we can ask inane questions". seriously, nobody has talked to me all semester, and the first day with turquoise hair, i get invited to eat lunch with a group of kids in my philosophy class.

4. the parking structure is a freaking half mile from the edge of campus, which is a good half mile from the building my print class is in.

despite all these terrible terrible things, im getting far better grades than i ever expected, and theres only three weeks of class left.

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