Thursday, July 24, 2008

why i love being indie, part two

yesterday i spent almost the entire day "at work", which sounds kind of like it sucks. i mean, i doubt there are that many people who, when hearing they get an extra long day of work, say, "yay! i love working extra!". im sure the vast majority of the working class dread, and probably go out of their way to avoid, excruciatingly long, difficult days. of course, most people dont have this for an office:

yeah, i spent all of yesterday printing shirts. i think i made like 20, and maybe 10 or so patches. it was a long (by my standards) day, working on and off from about 10 or 11 am till 8 or 9 pm. printing by hand, on the floor, which leads to very sore shoulders. but it was totally worth it. cause even after cleaning up the massive mess of newsprint and tshirts, and having to wash the screen four times cause all the shirts were different colors, therefore requiring different colors of ink, i still had an enjoyable day. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

oh noes! ive been tagged!

just when i thought nobody ever reads my blog, i get i nice little comment from littlelotusdesigns 
saying ive been tagged, and now have to participate in this communal blogging activity. hey, it should be fun, right?

so here are the rules ive gotten, from the littlelotus blog:

"The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person know when you've posted your answers"

1. Favorite ethnic food
 i dont know if i can pick.... probably sushi? or maybe panini? ramen?

2. something you've always wanted to try
 ive at least tried almost everything ive ever wanted to try. but ill say absinthe. which apparently is quite popular. 

3. Favorite color
 mostly purple but right now im really into teal. 

4. Something you collect
 vintage cameras, vintage candelabras, and plastic dinosaurs. 

5. something you do to relax
 go into a room with no other people in it (this can be quite difficult in my house) and take a nap. 

6. something you never leave home without

7. bloggers i am going to tag:

and now, i leave you to go do the sorts of unimportant things i do between dinner and bedtime. 


Sunday, July 20, 2008

this is probably why i dont have a boyfriend

friday night jenny and i went to a local show. nothing fancy, just our friends the king is dead playing in hermosa. and during their set, they decided to take a break from playing for a round of musical chairs. 

yes. musical chairs. played by the five or six most hardcore guys at the show, and me, 125 pounds of peroxide blonde, no makeup, fluffy miniskirt, pointy flats, flagrant disregard of social expectations, and wicked musical chair skills, who isnt afraid to not only be the only girl in any given situation, but to kick the asses of guys not only larger, but with more street cred, than me. 

in the end, i got second place, losing to the guy that guy that i hate because he almost breaks my foot or some other body part at every show i go to. 

maybe, if i knew my place, i wouldnt be so lonely. but i definitely wouldnt have nearly as much fun. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

im in a nostalgic mood today...

one year ago today, i went to by far the best concert of my life. 

i still have the ticket stub for motion city soundtrack (with special guests sherwood) at chain reaction on july eighth, 2007. its on my corkboard of memories held in place by the "stuff i did with that one guy" pushpin. 

that was a night ill never forget. despite the fact that i felt like crap, and i was with a boy that i barely knew, who didnt yet know that i was madly in love with him, who is still one of my favorite people despite the fact that there was no chance of us at all, i had an amazing night. 

i fought my way through the crowd to the second or third row of the smallest, hottest club in southern california, to spend three hours vacuum sealed in a sweaty sardine tin of rock and roll. i couldnt feel anything below my pelvis, i could barely breathe, and within minutes i was so dehydrated that drinking from the water bottle that was making its way through the crowd seemed like a good enough idea to act upon. 

i didnt care about the opening acts, though they werent terrible, ive gone on to see two of the three of them again. i didnt ditch work to buy tickets for the sure to sell out show for them. i was there for motion city soundtrack, a band who have yet to stop inspiring me to do whatever it is im doing at any given moment, a band who always has the words to say how i feel even when i dont, a band who i firmly believe saved my life, a band i finally go to thank that night. 

yes, after the show i took the opportunity to say hi, and tell justin pierre what his music means to me. i almost cried, and my eyes mist up and my heart races when i think about that conversation, where he participated by giving me a hug, signing my shirt, and teaching me (and the boy) to sign "im drunk", which i still use as often as possible. 

the ride home was almost silent, i had never, and still havent, felt so terrible physically, yet so amazing emotionally. 

i saw motion city soundtrack again last month, and im seeing them twice next month on warped. 

Monday, July 7, 2008

its kinda like an extra sexy PIF

like most days when im not in school, i went to 7-11 with just a little bit more than exact change for a large soda. so im at the register, counting out dimes, and this really hot hipster boy comes up to cash in some lottery tickets, apparently for the second or third time that day. 

now, im REALLY bad at math, especially counting while other people are saying numbers of things im not counting, and both hot guy and the cashier KEEP SAYING NUMBERS. 

so i keep having to start over, and its starting to look like im struggling to fine enough money, which couldnt be farther from the truth, as i had about fifteen cents more than i needed. so the hot guy hands me a dollar. 

i smile and say "thanks, you totally just made my day", and he says "well, im having a really good day today"

and then i got in my minivan. 

life makes me laugh something.