Saturday, October 3, 2009

my life is insane.

since my last blog post, alot of things have happened. obviously. it was in like, april or something. and im not really going to give a list of all the aforementioned things, as it would take forever and really just bore the crap out of you.

but most importantly, since dropping out of usc, i really feel like im on my way to living the indie dream for the first time ever. yeah, i still live with my parents, yeah i still have to get a day job (but cosmetology guarantees a fun one, and im stoked), and yeah, im still horribly disease ridden.

but on the bright side, ive gotten myself involved in doing shows with the handmade brigade of orange county, and annie rexic is starting to be really financially sustainable, i work at a law firm once every week or so, making things so i can afford to actually leave the house now and again, AND cosmetology school is basically the coolest thing everrrrr.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

new new news

i noticed i havent posted in a very very long time. which is particularly ironic considering my intention was to blog every day for a year. i guess thats just how things go.

anyways, heres some updates on whats going down at the annie rexic camp:

im working on listing some super awesome new scarves hand knit from recycled tshirt material, heres an example:

some were knit with colored shirts and make stripes, and others were knit with white shirts and will be dyed in turmeric.


ill be vending at this event in costa mesa next month, you should come:

so, as always, stay tuned in for more updates on all the crazy stuff ill be doing this summer!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

this has been simultaneously the shortest and longest week of my life

its hard to believe that only week ago i was at musink, where i realized that yes, there is a place where no only do i somewhat fit is, but, people are nice to me, AND boys like me, although that might just be the result of my new three-colored hair. so no, i wasnt being a whiny baby about usc and its engineering students, that place in my mind does exist. its the body modification industry.

anyways, i had a really great time. i helped music saves lives hand out free t-shirt cards and got over two pages of email sign-ups. i got a new piercing. i took a whole roll of hopefully really neat pictures of people getting tattooed.

the only thing that sucked was after saturday was over i had to go back to my painful commute, my rusty bicycle, my boring classes, my arbitrary and obligatory projects, and no more boys.

all is not lost.

i have a new job now. i guess its not a real job, and more of a side project, but still, its an enjoyable activity with an attached income. you know how i love income. im crocheting bikini pieces for a designer who lately has been featured all over maxim magazine, which i think is pretty neat, especially the part where i get paid to do something i do all the time for free, that is, make stuff.

oh, by the way, atreyus new music is the just about the worst music ever. they used to be so good. i guess metalcore is dead.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

things are definitely getting alot less boring

its nice.

saturday night i volunteered for music saves lives at the taste of chaos tour, where i was really sad that i didnt bring my camera, cause i got to watch a really great acoustic set by thursday, and was also like ten feet from the bring me the horizon signing. but thats ok.

and this coming weekend im helping out the good folks at msl again, at (you wont believe how stoked i am about this) MUSINK!

if that werent enough excitement for this week, i also have a meeting lined up with someone who is looking for help with production on their new line of crochet accessories, which i hope will go well, as paying gigs are hard to come by in the "i can only do part time no commitment stuff cause i go to college" field.

so yeah, ive got a nice and full next few days. im pretty happy about it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

oh the joys and sorrows of buying new records

today i went to fye, cause ive been really sad lately and i figured a new record would be a nice, not to expensive way to cheer myself up. which it did, and now i feel like gushing about one of my super favorite bands, alkaline trio.

i was introduced to the not so acidic three by my friend nicky, where all music circa 2003 comes from. i never bought my own copy of good mourning, but stupid kid and weve had enough are longtime favorites. anyways, ive totally been hooked on them since. agony and irony is no exception.

ive only seen them play live once, in october 2005, when they opened for my chemical romance, BUT! at warped 2004, the first and only time ive had access to watch bands from the side of the stage, me, nicky, and our respective parents watched rise against with none other than matt skiba. who apparently touched nickys wheelchair. then we went to in n out. the end.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

i dont even know how many posts ive missed.

but i think its time to christen this 365 blog project a big fat failure.

the thing i find interesting is how my life got so much more eventful right as i stopped posting.

i guess i can only do one thing at a time.

in other news,

annie rexic sasspants not only got blogged about today, but they were in the same post as some RUFFEOHEARTSLILSNOTTY undies. i was stoked, cause rhls make some really rad underpants.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

im lazy

and its a problem.

i hope you can forgive me.