Thursday, October 23, 2008

oh how times change

when i was 15, i liked this band called my chemical romance.

ok, that was a lie.

ages 15-17 were spent MADLY IN LOVE with my chemical romance, and i still love them, but in a more sophisticated, not dressing like gerard way kind of way.

but anyways, in those days, even the thought of meeting gerard, of touching gerard, of having a conversation with gerard, were unfathomable.

enter obsession ages almost 18-present, shawn harris, singer/guitarist of the matches.

he looks like this:

as of tonight, ive seen his band play whilst pressed against the stage four times.

ive spoken with him, on two separate occasions.

i baked him cupcakes, which he apparently liked very much.

ive touched various parts of his body while he leaned into the crowd. p.s. he kind of smells.

im not exactly sure what the difference is this time.

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