Sunday, August 31, 2008

i should probably say something about this new school ive been going to

except its probably in poor taste to keep talking about how much i dont like it, especially since as time goes on it will probably get less and less bad until im apathetic about the whole matter and maybe have a friend, and then i will graduate. 

anyways, i made a hat last night, of my own design, and i think its rad. 

i might make a few more for the etsy, and you can already custom order them on the myspace.

but self promotion aside, i have a new hat, and it makes me things feel a little less sucky.  

Monday, August 18, 2008

oh warped tour,

i love you so much. you are my favorite day of the year, no question about it. i enjoy you more than my birthday and christmas combined. and this year, i got THREE of you!!!

but rather than giving the typical detailed play by play analysis of the warped tour that readers of my old blog have become accustomed to, ive decided to just lay out the highlights of this years triple dose of warped, and some of them have *gasp* PICTURES!!!!

so, lets get this party started, eh?

(note to self: stop being such a tard)

1. seeing motion city soundtrack for the sixth and seventh times, making them win by three in the bands that ive seen the most times contest. 

2. seeing the academy is... for the first and second (but missing the potential third) times, crossing them off the list of bands i really like but havent seen yet.

3. seeing the higher for the third time, adding them to my collections of bands that i dont really like but keep ending up seeing. see also, as i lay dying. 

4. getting my super awesome custom bike basket liner from kayte of lucky finds designs

5. meeting jefree star. shut up, i find him fascinating, in that cant look away train wreck kind of way. 

6. working for music saves lives in chula vista and meeting a ton of awesome folks, drinking free monster water, and also saving lives. 

7. getting into the carson date free cause i kept my vendor wristband on

8. kind of getting into cobra starship, even if it makes me sound like a total idiot. 

9. hanging out in the msl backstage area with all its free beverages and swag, where :

10. i met fred, from the color fred, but more importantly from taking back sunday, who has GOT to be the happiest guy on the planet. 

 and also, 

11. WILLIAM FREAKING BECKETT. probably the most beautiful human being that i will ever have in my arms for the rest of my life. and im not kidding. 

12. realizing that im not a crap photographer, and ending up with way too many good shots of TAI and MCS to post here. 

13. getting the inside scoop on getting a tent for annie next year. 

and lastly, 

14. crowd surfing for the first time ever. to the future freaks me out. 

i have more anecdotes, some that ill tell occasionally throughout my life, and others that ill forget until years from now, but i think ill end things here. 

Friday, August 8, 2008

block printing. its not easily miniaturized!

or kitchen-tabelized!

who knew!?!?

but in an effort to do as many productive and creative things before school starts, i decided to utilize the adorable 2 x 3 inch lino blocks i bought at the blick in pasedena. and boy did i miss school. 

see, i dont have any bench hooks of printing frames, so i had to both carve and print without any kind of support. which wasnt that bad, just alot more difficult, and i had to be alot more careful not to cut my hand open. i also had to clean up my mess cause i couldnt just leave it for that one guy to clean up and then yell at me the next day, but that was also fine due to the large sheets of newsprint i took out of the trash in life drawing last semester. 

but other than that, it was great. being a printmaker without a studio often sucks, but lino aceos are totally doable. in the end, i was left with a very small mess and some very small burtonesque stylized faux bois prints


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

i got the best email ever today

cause it pretty much stated that i have to spend the entire day at the chula vista stop of the vans warped tour with this:

i love life. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

just a heads-up

for the first time in a while ill be participating in a swap-meet, and i figured that all my faithful readers, if there are any, would like to know about it.