Thursday, September 25, 2008

lonely day adventures

those are my favorite days, when i have several things to do in one neck of the woods, so i do them all in one day. alone. its quite fun and not nearly as depressing as it sounds. 

tuesday was the last day i would be able to hit the LACMA to write my paper for my stupid visual culture class, and also the day that frank from post secret would be speaking at usc, where i just so happen to be a student. 

so, i combined my having to go to class with a lecture that i really wanted to go to but was six hours after class by sticking a museum visit and dinner smack dab in the middle. 

see, after class ended, i went to LACMA, where i *gasp* bought. a. membership. so apparently im now one of those people that is a member of the museum. i tooled around the contemporary art building, picked a piece for my paper, (andy warhols big electric chair, in case youre interested), wrote my outline, and then left, since, now that im a member, i can afford to go back whenever i please. 

on the way from school to the museum i noticed that my favorite mexican restaurant was on the way back to the freeway, even though i KNOW that this favorite place of mine is on the way back to the freeway from anywhere in the westside/hollywood/anywhere that involves getting off the 10 and going north, but thats beside the point. this place has excellent bean burritos, better than lbjs, if anyone from the south bay reads this. my favorite thing about being a vegan in los angeles is that you can get whatever you want at any restaurant for just $5, provided that its a bean burrito and soda. 

after eating, i headed back to school for the postsecret lecture, which was very nice, except i was too afraid to say my secret in front of the auditorium so i wrote it on the postcard that they gave us at the door and left it in the bathroom. 

then i went home. 

by the way, tomorrow is international hug a vegetarian day. 

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