Sunday, September 21, 2008

can i say im famous now?

first, id like to take a moment to address the happenings of the glasshouse swapmeet yesterday. 

thank you kayte for organizing the handmade district, despite poor sales, it was definitely a blast. thank you, chick that bought a vinyl cuff. thank you, marisa, for driving, and doing most of the work. thank you jeremy, for making the banner so i can feel like a real clothing company. thank you, three chicks that bought the same pack of buttons. thank you glen from spittingimage, for making my new favorite shirt, that im wearing right this second.


and thank you, kidrobot, for giving me something to make fun of.  but most of all, thank you guy that works at the glasshouse that has the cool dog, for making me totally want a bulldog. 


yeah, i got interviewed. by someone i dont even know! and i was funny, which i totally forgot i could do. 

anyways, its a good read, and that corrinne is a very nice lady. 

i really hope this gets me some sales, seeing as i came home yesterdays with $16, ten of which was already mine.


Cathe Holden said...

Congrats on your interview and fun day of sales!

Estela said...

love the set up!

Jennifer said...

Very fun post! Your stuff looks great too...hopefully your interview does bring in more buyers :-)

Christopher And Tia said...

Your booth looks great <3 Where was the craft show at?

1337 Art said...

You have a very nice set up there. At least you got one great thing out of it.