Monday, August 18, 2008

oh warped tour,

i love you so much. you are my favorite day of the year, no question about it. i enjoy you more than my birthday and christmas combined. and this year, i got THREE of you!!!

but rather than giving the typical detailed play by play analysis of the warped tour that readers of my old blog have become accustomed to, ive decided to just lay out the highlights of this years triple dose of warped, and some of them have *gasp* PICTURES!!!!

so, lets get this party started, eh?

(note to self: stop being such a tard)

1. seeing motion city soundtrack for the sixth and seventh times, making them win by three in the bands that ive seen the most times contest. 

2. seeing the academy is... for the first and second (but missing the potential third) times, crossing them off the list of bands i really like but havent seen yet.

3. seeing the higher for the third time, adding them to my collections of bands that i dont really like but keep ending up seeing. see also, as i lay dying. 

4. getting my super awesome custom bike basket liner from kayte of lucky finds designs

5. meeting jefree star. shut up, i find him fascinating, in that cant look away train wreck kind of way. 

6. working for music saves lives in chula vista and meeting a ton of awesome folks, drinking free monster water, and also saving lives. 

7. getting into the carson date free cause i kept my vendor wristband on

8. kind of getting into cobra starship, even if it makes me sound like a total idiot. 

9. hanging out in the msl backstage area with all its free beverages and swag, where :

10. i met fred, from the color fred, but more importantly from taking back sunday, who has GOT to be the happiest guy on the planet. 

 and also, 

11. WILLIAM FREAKING BECKETT. probably the most beautiful human being that i will ever have in my arms for the rest of my life. and im not kidding. 

12. realizing that im not a crap photographer, and ending up with way too many good shots of TAI and MCS to post here. 

13. getting the inside scoop on getting a tent for annie next year. 

and lastly, 

14. crowd surfing for the first time ever. to the future freaks me out. 

i have more anecdotes, some that ill tell occasionally throughout my life, and others that ill forget until years from now, but i think ill end things here. 


Christopher And Tia said...

I used to have friends on the tour, and I'd tag along with them for about 2 weeks every year. I have some of my very best memories from past warped tours. Its just not the same for me anymore though.

It sounds like you had a lot of fun though. Yayyy.

Catirina Bonet Designs - Fun! Funky! Hand Knitting Patterns said...

What can I say? You are just TOO COOL!

AshleySpatula said...

That sounds like a lot of fun, I have never been to a warped tour! Maybe I should go next year :)
Fun pics!

AshleySpatula said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of fun, I've never been to a warped tour! I might just have to go next year :)

RockerByeBaby said...

I heart MCS :) We are friends with Josh (they are locally from here in Minneapolis) and usually we watch from backstage... well, this time it being warped tour and all, we watched out front like everyone else... and just got our asses beat in the mosh pits... haha fun experience... but i think next time ill just stick to side stage :)