Friday, August 8, 2008

block printing. its not easily miniaturized!

or kitchen-tabelized!

who knew!?!?

but in an effort to do as many productive and creative things before school starts, i decided to utilize the adorable 2 x 3 inch lino blocks i bought at the blick in pasedena. and boy did i miss school. 

see, i dont have any bench hooks of printing frames, so i had to both carve and print without any kind of support. which wasnt that bad, just alot more difficult, and i had to be alot more careful not to cut my hand open. i also had to clean up my mess cause i couldnt just leave it for that one guy to clean up and then yell at me the next day, but that was also fine due to the large sheets of newsprint i took out of the trash in life drawing last semester. 

but other than that, it was great. being a printmaker without a studio often sucks, but lino aceos are totally doable. in the end, i was left with a very small mess and some very small burtonesque stylized faux bois prints


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