Thursday, July 24, 2008

why i love being indie, part two

yesterday i spent almost the entire day "at work", which sounds kind of like it sucks. i mean, i doubt there are that many people who, when hearing they get an extra long day of work, say, "yay! i love working extra!". im sure the vast majority of the working class dread, and probably go out of their way to avoid, excruciatingly long, difficult days. of course, most people dont have this for an office:

yeah, i spent all of yesterday printing shirts. i think i made like 20, and maybe 10 or so patches. it was a long (by my standards) day, working on and off from about 10 or 11 am till 8 or 9 pm. printing by hand, on the floor, which leads to very sore shoulders. but it was totally worth it. cause even after cleaning up the massive mess of newsprint and tshirts, and having to wash the screen four times cause all the shirts were different colors, therefore requiring different colors of ink, i still had an enjoyable day. 

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