Monday, June 30, 2008

wow, i really miss making money while not working

i know what youre thinking, "how on earth does anyone make money while not working?", but its true, i used to make money while not doing a single thing. thats not to say that i didnt work for that money, see, i used to have my clothing in a local brick and mortar boutique. this was a consignment arrangement, so i would make clothes, jewelry, accessories, or whatever, bring it into the shop, and in anywhere from a few days to a few months, id have money, there in the store, waiting for me to pick it up. all i had to do was make the merch (which, i will admit, was often quite difficult and/or laborious), there was no selling. now, i still have etsy as an outlet, and dont get me wrong, i love etsy, but photographing, measuring, describing, listing, and promoting each individual item? thats alot of work that i cant always do. not to mention, (well, in my opinion) everything looks better in real life. and so, im left with quite an extensive inventory worth hundreds, maybe even thousands, and unless i work my ass off to get it sold, its not going anywhere. 

so, if you know of any friendly indie boutiques that like to do wholesale of consignment with local artists, and theyre located in the greater los angeles/orange county area, could you please let me know? id appreciate it. 

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