Friday, June 13, 2008

from now on, im just gonna go to shows alone

really, after a very traumatic afternoon where ALL of my friends flaked on me, i realized, im better off on my own anyways. 

ok, let me back up, im getting ahead of myself again. i have a tendency to do that. im sorry. last night my current favorite band in the middle bracket of my hierarchy of bands, the matches, played a show at the knitting factory in hollywood, which, is not too far from where i live, and tickets were dirt cheap. so i call up the three friends i went with to see the same band at a different club in february, jane didnt know, but she never knows what shes doing in advance, and thing one and thing two said they were in, for sure. so i bought three tickets. 

then, yesterday, hours before the show, thing one calls me to tell me shes sick, i say, no worries, but i still need the ticket money, she says fine. i cant get ahold of jane. then thing two calls and says if janes not going than her parents wont let her go, because three teenage girls in hollywood is fine, but two is dangerous, or something like that. and guess what! i finally get ahold of jane and she CANT GO! (im not upset with any of them, really)

i panicked. i have HUGE social anxiety issues. the thought of going to something somewhat social ALONE paralyzes me. i cry for a bit and my mom helps me out the door, cause we both know ill be fine once the music starts, cause then its just me and the band and the weight of the crowd, my friends dont exist in that world. 

so i leave, and after stopping at my dads house in glendale to feed his cats, and then circling the same two blocks of hollywood boulevard looking for the club, i make it in time to only miss a couple songs of the first band. the band was called the vouge in movement, and, well, i didnt get much out of them. it was all a bit cliche, in this five piece band, three members are rocking the urban outfitters sheer jersey t-shirt with black vest and skinny jeans. they didnt impress me musically either, i mean, they actually had a song called "fire on the dance floor", and yes, that was the hook. 

the second band however, scissors for lefty, really impressed me. like, i bought a shirt impressed me. not only did they have a great poppy indie rock sound, but they also had really great style and stage presence. and their bass player, oh the bass player. he made me melt, i dont know if it was his pink gaping v-neck shirt exposing his hot chest hair (ya know, like an american apparel model), that it was tucked into the tightest black jeans held up by a rad thrift store belt, that said jeans were tucked into vintage moccasins, or that he (nor the rest of the band really) absolutely COULD NOT dance, but did so anyways. i made it a point to say hi at the merch table, and he was nice too. though he shook my hand like three times, THAT was a bit odd. 

anyways, i was there to see the matches. now, i forgot to mention that between clichebob urbanoutfitterpants, and scissors for lefty, i saw shawn harris standing in a corner, and actually, after a few minutes of standing awkwardly, said hi, and talked to him a bit. which was a huge deal for me, being so ridiculously shy, but he seems to be a special case, im alot less afraid of him than most other guys of his attractiveness level. back to the program, the matches played a typical REALLY good set. of course, they didnt play any of my favorite old tracks, but bands never do cause i always like the most obscure tracks possible, so ive gotten used to it. the only thing that irked me a bit was that the bassist was NOT being a team player in the wardrobe department, i mean, suck it up and wear the tight red pants, you look like a jerk for wearing regular jeans. but other than that, GREAT set, GREAT energy, GREAT crowd participation, and GREAT stage presence and end of set stage dives, which were awesome cause i got a handful of shawn ass. 

so, long story short, i had a great time. and it didnt matter that i was alone. i couldnt wait around after to talk to matt whalen (the drummer), cause i was tired and waiting outside a club alone looks really creepy, but honestly, i didnt miss friends. 

also, the knitting factory is quite possibly my new favorite venue, and from this day forward i will always pick it over chain reaction. now, this is probably mostly based on my intense dislike of anaheim and high schoolers, and while chain is always packed to the brim with irritating 15 year olds, the knitting factory was pretty chill, and had an older crowd that i felt much more comfortable in. but also, the security was MUCH nicer, i mean, as i was leaving, i was drinking a cup of ice water, and the told me i had to finish it or throw it away before i went outside, so, i stood in the doorway finishing it (i was hella dehydrated), and as i was standing there, one of the security guys hands me a bottle of water. a COLD bottle of water. seriously, this guy deserves a medal for being nice. 

then i went home, which was quite uneventful, and i woke up at like 10, and now, at 4, im still in my jammies. the end. 

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Ann said...

I just found your site, and I find it hilarious, only that my nickname as a youth was Annie Rexic-- My name is Annie, I'm ridiculously thin, although no ed (and was a bit of a punk myself in my day). Thanks for caring on the legacy of my name! ha ha ha