Saturday, October 3, 2009

my life is insane.

since my last blog post, alot of things have happened. obviously. it was in like, april or something. and im not really going to give a list of all the aforementioned things, as it would take forever and really just bore the crap out of you.

but most importantly, since dropping out of usc, i really feel like im on my way to living the indie dream for the first time ever. yeah, i still live with my parents, yeah i still have to get a day job (but cosmetology guarantees a fun one, and im stoked), and yeah, im still horribly disease ridden.

but on the bright side, ive gotten myself involved in doing shows with the handmade brigade of orange county, and annie rexic is starting to be really financially sustainable, i work at a law firm once every week or so, making things so i can afford to actually leave the house now and again, AND cosmetology school is basically the coolest thing everrrrr.

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Brook said...

hey I didnt know you were in cosmetology school! cool!! I am a hairdresser! it was cool having you in our show!