Sunday, March 1, 2009

this has been simultaneously the shortest and longest week of my life

its hard to believe that only week ago i was at musink, where i realized that yes, there is a place where no only do i somewhat fit is, but, people are nice to me, AND boys like me, although that might just be the result of my new three-colored hair. so no, i wasnt being a whiny baby about usc and its engineering students, that place in my mind does exist. its the body modification industry.

anyways, i had a really great time. i helped music saves lives hand out free t-shirt cards and got over two pages of email sign-ups. i got a new piercing. i took a whole roll of hopefully really neat pictures of people getting tattooed.

the only thing that sucked was after saturday was over i had to go back to my painful commute, my rusty bicycle, my boring classes, my arbitrary and obligatory projects, and no more boys.

all is not lost.

i have a new job now. i guess its not a real job, and more of a side project, but still, its an enjoyable activity with an attached income. you know how i love income. im crocheting bikini pieces for a designer who lately has been featured all over maxim magazine, which i think is pretty neat, especially the part where i get paid to do something i do all the time for free, that is, make stuff.

oh, by the way, atreyus new music is the just about the worst music ever. they used to be so good. i guess metalcore is dead.

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