Tuesday, March 18, 2008

my splendid little adventure at fye this morning

thats the nice way of titling this post. it was really anything but splendid. fye irks me to no end for reasons that very few people i know understand. i mean, tower records wasnt perfect, BUT at its core, it was a record store. fye, not so much. honestly, i avoid going. in fact, i dont, except on special tuesdays when a record that i absolutely NEED is being released. today was one such day. the last one was in mid-september, if you need any further evidence as to how much i hate what record buying has become. 

yes, today was the day that the new matches record, a band in hope (which i recommend you go buy RIGHT NOW) was released. so i had to go to fye. i just had to. after the show at chain on february fourth, i was sold. after their feature in alternative press, i was DYING to get my hands on it. and so, i resigned to a morning at fye. 

so i get there, go inside, look for the general music section, where im assuming a punk rock record released on epitaph records would be located. it takes a while, cause since that fye has been not a tower records, ive been there maybe three times, actually, i think exactly three times, before. once i find where the rock and roll records belong, i look for the letter M. i see motion city soundtrack, so im in the right aisle, then, find marylyn manson, meaning im close, at least alphabetically, and then i reach the other match themed bands, and alas, no matches. i look again, and theyre not there, not even the little plastic place holder to let me know that they normally carry that artist. 

i ask for help, and the kid who looks barely my age checks the computer, and goes, "yeah, we have like 20 of them". really now? and where are they hiding them? in the HEAVY METAL section. yes, the matches are heavy metal, didnt we all know that? yes, all this time i have been totally skewed in my categorizations of music. you know who else i saw in the heavy metal section? THE RAMONES. yes, the ramones who embodied the very essence of not heavy metal. however, marylyn manson, hes in regular music. 

fye is run and staffed by idiots. and their cataloging system was developed by proverbial monkeys at typewriters. 

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Omg Lia said...

this is why i only go to local music stores. The best one ever is called ear x-tacy and it's in louisville where I live :)