Saturday, February 2, 2008

finally, something good.

so, yesterday was the postmark deadline for my usc application, but, because i am awesome (and it was really starting to piss me off) i mailed it on thursday, and marisa jane and i went on a celebration adventure. we had also already planned an adventure for today (oh, the irony), so i got me a two adventure weekend. a  two very different adventure weekend.
thursdays adventure was a typical annie and jane adventure of spontaneity, see, she wanted to go to bff and pick up money and have lunch at lbjs, and i wanted to go thrifting in hollywood. so we did both, with a leaving a creepy note on a certain boy's window (um, long story, its on the maybe ill tell you later list) in between. this adventure was extra cool cause we found a new shop on la brea that was really rad, and like usual, i spent all my money on lunch, a top, the worst latte ive ever had, a sweet mens button-up and an apron, and like usual, jane spent two dollars on lunch. but the most important thing was that at jet rag, we found the cutest boys ever. the cutest "were 99% sure theyre not gay" boys that could possibly exist in hollywood. and then we went home. 
today, however, happened on bikes. all around 20 miles of it, and im tired. the way this one worked was that i had a sleepover at my house with jane and jenny, and then we rode from my house, to that one boys house (he wasnt there again), to mickeys deli for lunch, then  to janes house cause she had to get home, and finally back to my house, where jenny got picked up and then i took a very very long nap. then i at dinner, did a little (about as much as i could given the liquididy of my legs) annie work, and now im eating a very large piece of cake. 
thats the end of the adventures, but, since youre here anyways, i just thought id share this months promotion over at 100% of all proceeds will go directly into the "annie really needs a button press" fund. so please, shop for a good cause. 

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