Sunday, January 13, 2008

well, this has been an interesting weekend

its funny how things always happen to me like that. for starters, my aunt (the cooler one, im sure youll hear about the other one later), calls me friday, asking me if i want to chaperone the "little girls", which is what i call my oldest sister and cousin, partly cause neither of them is very little, to a show. in riverside. im not sure why, but i said yes, even though it meant going all the way to riverside with my cousin, sister, and cousins uncle to see the other uncle's band play at this surprisingly cool club. i guess i went cause i just cant pass up supporting (at least somewhat) local music on somebody elses money. we saw two bands that night, the first one totally sucked and the singer was pretty much my dad (it was sooooo creepily funny), and the other was the intended band (called i am in your radio if youre interested) they were ok. but for the most part, i was really bored, and ended up dancing. alot. im still sore. its weird. 

anyways, yesterday i had a big "portfolio meeting" with one of my dads artist friends (his name is chris davis). it was really difficult, looking at all of my artwork and pick out my favorites, and then put them in order, and then photographing them, all while keeping in mind that this portfolio is supposed to represent me as an artist to not only usc (where im applying to transfer, again, youll hear about it later), but also to any galleries i deal with in the near future. yeah, i not only had to go through the emotionally draining process of explaining about 30 different pieces of artwork, but chris also decides to really like my work, and tell me that i should start making as much art as possible, AND start showing and selling. great. now im annie rexic, college student, secretary, clothing company owner, picnic enthusiast, habitual thrift shopper, occasional merch girl, and professional artist. can i lock myself in my room with some iced tea and just sew in my little imaginary world now? thanks. 

so, i guess the moral of today's story is that 1. my life is really really strange, 2. i am quite a bit further towards being a legit indie designer than i thought, and 3. i can not take very much emotional stress. 

tune in next week for when annie starts extra freaking out about transferring!